Former PJ Military spokesman wants to be heard again – The Economic Journal

Former PJ Military spokesman wants to be heard again - The Economic Journal

The former spokesman of the Military Judiciary Police, Major Vasco Brazão, asked to be heard again, as part of the process of recovery of the missing arms of Tancos, told Lusa today his lawyer.

Ricardo Sá Fernandes said that this request to the criminal examining judge of Lisbon arises in the wake of news that he had informed the Minister of Defense of the set up staged for the recovery of arms.

The lawyer said that his constituent will deliver documentation to the Central Department of Investigation and Criminal Action (DCIAP).

The online edition of the weekly Expresso published on Thursday that the former spokesman of the Military Judiciary Police (PJM), Major Vasco Brazão, told the investigative investigating judge to recover the stolen military material in Tancos that, in the last year, and after the weapons had been recovered, he informed the defense minister, together with the then director of that police, of the "staging jointly with the GNR of Loulé around the recovery of the guns" of the national treasury of Tancos.

Still on Thursday in Brussels, the Minister of National Defense denied "categorically" that "he was aware of any cover-up in this process."

On the same day, the former chief of staff of the defense minister admitted that he received Colonel Luís Vieira and Major Brazão in November, but never noticed any "indications of cover-up for possible culprits in the theft of Tancos."

"I should like to inform you, in honor of my honor and the truth of the facts, that I have indeed received Mr. Colonel Luís Vieira [diretor da Polícia Judiciária Militar] and Mr. Major Brazão [porta-voz da Política Judiciária Militar], in my office in November 2017, "said Lt. Gen. António Martins Pereira, in a written statement sent by e-mail to Agência Lusa.

The former chief of staff of Minister Azeredo Lopes adds that "on that occasion or at any other time," it was not possible for him to disclose any fact that indicated any irregularity or indication of cover-up for any culprits in the theft of Tancos. "

Vasco Brazão, one of the nine defendants of the Húbrius operation, subject to the measure of residence permanence without electronic surveillance, that the case of the recovery of the stolen arms at Tancos at Chamusca in October 2017.

On September 25, the Judicial Police detained the director and three other officers of the PJM, one civilian, who are in preventive custody, and three members of the Criminal Investigation Nucleus of the GNR of Loulé.

According to the Public Prosecutor's Office, these are "facts that may include crimes of criminal association, denial of justice, prevarication, falsification of documents, influence peddling, personal favoritism practiced by an employee, abuse of power, prescription, detention of prohibited weapon and trafficking of arms ".

Theft of military equipment from the Tancos warehouses – which had since been shut down – was unveiled at the end of June 2017. Among the stolen material were grenades, including anti-tank, plastic explosives and a large quantity of ammunition.

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