Former prime ministers risk crime of disobedience – The Economic Journal

Former prime ministers risk crime of disobedience - The Economic Journal

According to the Diário de Notícias, which advanced the news, the work of the commission is already being completed, but there are still no answers from the ex-ministers.

According to the newspaper, article 19 of Law no. 5/93 states that "failure to appear, refuse to testify or fail to comply with legitimate orders of a parliamentary committee of inquiry in the exercise of its duties. functions constitute a crime of qualified disobedience, for the purposes provided for in the Penal Code ".

The committee's regulation states that it "may summon any citizen to testify on facts relating to the investigation". In the case of former prime ministers, they have the right to "testify in writing", submitting "to the committee, within ten days from the date of notification of the facts on which the testimony, declaration, , reporting what they know about the facts indicated. "

However, according to the DN, this time limit will not have been met. The above-mentioned former Prime Ministers received Parliament's questions on 28 March, with the exception of José Sócrates – the services of the Assembly of the Republic failed to get an up-to-date contact.

After contacted by the DN, Santana Lopes and Durão Barroso assured that they were counting on sending their answers this weekend. Socrates did not even accept being asked about it. Passos Coelho is not available "at this moment" to speak to the media.

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