Former referee considers that Arbitration Council "should be dismissed"

Former referee considers that Arbitration Council "should be dismissed"

In an interview with Rádio Renascença, Marco Ferreira and Veiga Trigo spoke about the leakage of information that led to the revelation of the refereeing teams of the National-Sporting, Feirense-SC Braga and FC Porto-Santa Clara games this weekend.

"If transparency is the motto of this Arbitration Council, it does not make sense to hide the appointments. They should be public as they used to be, early in the week," Marco Ferreira began by saying that "it is also important to change the mentality of our sports society There must be an increase in punishments, as in England, to be severely punished if one speaks of the arbitrators before and after the matches, in which case the appointments being made in advance would be a sign of transparency. solves the problem of Portuguese arbitration ".

"The attitude that the Arbitration Council had in hiding the nominations was at a time of great tension in the organization," he said. arbitration but did not solve. "

Veiga Trigo said that "this case has surfaced due to the incompetence of the Arbitration Council of the FPF. There are no people capable of directing Portuguese arbitration," even dismissing that the Arbitration Council "should be dismissed."

"To put an end to this controversy, appointments have long been due on Monday or Tuesday. Immediate disclosure would solve the problem by advising referees not to go to certain sites and not to accept phone calls from unknown numbers," concluded the former referee.

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