Former Secretary of State saw nothing strange in the governance of Socrates – The Economic Journal

Former Secretary of State for the Treasury Carlos Costa Pina said today that he saw nothing strange during José Socrates' rule in the testimony given during the investigation phase of Operation Marquis, according to a source linked to the suit.

According to the same source, Carlos Costa Pina, whose testimony was requested by the defense of the former prime minister in this procedural phase, addressed several issues from the Caixa Geral de Depósitos, the TGV, the Public Purchase Operation (OPA) to PT and the sale of Vivo during the almost four hours that he was in the Central Court of Criminal Instruction.

Regarding the appointment of also accused Armando Vara to the public bank board in August 2005, the former Secretary of State for Treasury and Finance of the XVII and XVIII Governments (2005-2011) said that this was the responsibility of the minister of Finance Teixeira dos Santos.

At the end of the session, the lawyer of former Prime Minister Pedro Dellile said only that "it was worth it and that it was very useful" the testimony of the current executive administrator of Galp.

For the session on Thursday is scheduled the testimony of Teixeira dos Santos, former finance minister of José Sócrates.

Socrates is charged with three counts of passive corruption in political office, 16 on money laundering, nine on falsifying documents and three on tax fraud.

Among other imputations, the Public Prosecutor's Office believes that Socrates received some 34 million euros between 2006 and 2015, in exchange for favors to the interests of former banker Ricardo Salgado in the Espírito Santo Group and PT, as well as to guarantee the concession of financing of CGD to the Vale do Lobo luxury development in the Algarve, and to favor Lena Group businesses.

Among the 28 defendants are Carlos Santos Silva, Henrique Granadeiro, Zeinal Bava, Armando Vara, Bárbara Vara, Joaquim Barroca, Helder Bataglia, Rui Mano de Ferro and Gonçalo Ferreira, companies of the Lena group (Lena SGPS, LEC SGPS and LEC SA) and Vale do Lobo Luxury Resort Resort.

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