Forró do Xerém celebrates in the Republic 14 – Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Forró do Xerém encourages Re-Creative Republic 14 on Saturday - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Forró do Xerém group, with Portuguese accordionist João Frade and four “Brazilian Portuguese” musicians, will animate the backyard of the historical building of Re-Criativa República 14, in Olhão, next Saturday, 24, at 21:30 hours.

Brazilians Paulinho Lemos, Adriano Alves, Leonardo Tomich and Rico Lima accompany the Algarvian accordionist for a night in which the music of northeastern Brazil emerges as the main reference.

“The approach of the Algarvian corridinho with the Brazilian forró has dance as its main reason, but the musical quality of Forró do Xerém goes beyond the simple concept of dance music: it is a song that is appreciated in its beauty and in the dexterity of its performers, but it is a song that you dance because you can't help it, ”says the group.

Xerém is a dish of traditional Portuguese cuisine in the Algarve, but in northeastern Brazil can also be "a wheel dance to the accordion".



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