Four Algarve projects win Participative Budget Portugal – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Four Algarve projects win Participative Budget Portugal - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Four Algarve projects, with an estimated budget of 490,000 euros, are among the 22 winners of the 2nd edition of the Participatory Budget Portugal (OPP), announced this week.

«Back to the Future», «Local Accommodation for Birds», «Literary Route of the Algarve» and «Streamlining the Hermitage of Santo António do Alto» were the regional projects distinguished.

The "Back to the Future" project, with a budget of 150 thousand euros, aims at the education, prevention and promotion of postural health, developed in a school context, with students of the 4th year of the 1st cycle.

"This project has as a general objective the teaching and practice of correct postures in order to prevent the early onset of back pain in children and the decrease in their incidence in adulthood," says the author, Sílvia Conde.

The project "Local Accommodation for Birds", by Fábia Azevedo, with a budget of 150 thousand euros and deadline of two years, intends to distribute free nest boxes for different types of birds to the municipalities and schools concerned, for the realization of environmental education actions.

The objectives are to boost the interest and direct contact of the local population with avifauna, increase the availability of shelter to the target species of this proposal and raise awareness of the importance of birds for the well-being of the Algarve's urban ecosystems.

The project "Rota Literária do Algarve", created by two professors of the University of Algarve (Rita Baleiro and Sílvia Quinteiro), has a budget of 120 thousand euros and intends to create literary itineraries in the 16 counties of the region, in Portuguese, English and French.

"Expanding, diversifying and enriching the offer of cultural experiences in the Algarve for national and international visitors of all ages" is the objective of the route, which has a two-year implementation period.

The project of "Dynamizing the Ermida de Santo António do Alto" in Faro, with a budget of 70 thousand euros, aims to rehabilitate and open to the public the church, the belvedere and the once-existing Antonino Museum.

"Located at the best point of observation of the beautiful city of Faro, this miradouro, recovered and reopened to the public, offers one of the best views to the city", emphasize the promoters of the project, Ana Morgado and Samanta Duarte.

The interior of the church is recovered, but the outside of the building and access to the viewpoint require conservation works.

The OPP is a democratic, direct and universal deliberative process through which people present and choose investment proposals. In the second edition, it had a budget of 5 million euros.



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