Four basic tips to preserve the essence of your wines – Tips

Four basic tips to preserve the essence of your wines - Tips

1. The Position in which you store your wines

Have you noticed that the bottles are almost all horizontal? In fact this is the position where you should save your bottles. Horizontally the wine is in contact with the cork preventing it from drying out, and preventing the entry of air. The wine should breathe just before it is drunk, otherwise the same air will adulterate its qualities and will spoil it.

2. The Temperature and Light to which wines are exposed when stored

Whether they are white or red, rosé or green, wines should be in a cool zone, without contact with solar heat, without nearby heating sources or refrigeration, without lights. The ideal temperature should be 12ºC The prolonged exposure of wines to temperatures above 20ºC and both sunlight and light will adulterate and decrease the quality of wines.

3. Ambient conditions are important

You should not store your wines for long periods in poorly ventilated and airy environments with strong odors, because they may pass through the cork and the wine will absorb these same odors; at the same time the locations must have some relative humidity, to prevent the corks from drying out and consequently between air in the bottles.

4. Vibration

The noise too loud, with vibration, and the vibration caused by working engines, whether of cars or machines, leads to the spoiling of wines. You should be careful of them and avoid placing your wine cellar next to washing machines, in domestic laundries or garages with a lot of motor vehicles.

In short, the ideal place to store your wine cellar will be a dispenser, without contact with machines, vibrations, sources of heat, or light, which in themselves have a lower temperature and where general provision allows a horizontal wine cellar.

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