FPAK president admits “advanced negotiations for F1 Portugal GP”

FPAK president admits “advanced negotiations for F1 Portugal GP”

The president of the Portuguese Federation of Automobilism and Karting (FPAK), Ni Amorim, admitted today that "there are advanced negotiations for there to be the Portuguese Grand Prix of Formula 1 on May 2nd".

Speaking to the agency Lusa, the head of motorsport in Portugal, however, emphasized that the race "will depend on two factors", the Government's will and the possibility of the public being present.

"There is a public, because it only makes sense with the public in the stands, and if the Portuguese State wants to", stressed Ni Amorim.

Contrary to what happened in 2020, when Portugal entered the World Cup calendar at the invitation of the organizer due to the cancellation of several events around the world due to the covid-19 pandemic, in 2021 it will be necessary to pay a registration fee, the value of which Ni Amorim declined to specify.

“Yes, you have to pay. F1 does not move for free. The Grand Prix [de Portugal de 2020] gave an extraordinary return and the data are already in the possession of the Government. But we understand that at the moment there are other priorities and it has not yet been possible to discuss the matter ", he explained to Lusa.

In addition, the leader maintained that "the agreements are confidential", so he chose "not to comment".

Emphasizing that those responsible for the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve (AIA) are "in daily contact with the promoter [do campeonato]", is" optimistic "about the possibility of Formula 1 returning to Portugal for the 18th time, the second consecutive to Portimão.

At this moment, the portfolio is handed over to "Tourism, Sports, Portimão, AIA, FPAK and IPDJ".

Ni Amorim said he expected a decision "until the end of February", because "to set up a GP of this size, it takes time", adding that "the Government still needs to study the numbers that came to it and the Directorate-General for Health (DGS) to approve a plan "for the event, which would have to take place on May 2nd.

Lusa tried unsuccessfully to get a reaction from the AIA administration, without success.

The official Formula 1 website launched a pre-sale of tickets for the Portuguese Grand Prix today, without confirming the event, on the same day that the organization of the World Cup revised the calendar.


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