FPG and golfers find it sensible to postpone the Portugal Masters

FPG and golfers find it sensible to postpone the Portugal Masters

Race, which was scheduled for late April, was postponed due to travel limitations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic

The Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG) and professionals Ricardo Santos and Pedro Figueiredo considered the decision of the European Tour to postpone the Portugal Masters, which was scheduled for Vilamoura, from April 29 to May 2, to be sensible.

“It is a wise decision. Doing an event with the dimension of Portugal Masters, for the second consecutive year with many limitations in its organization, with regard to the public, which is also an important component, would be complicated. Despite the European Tour having held several competitions without an audience or with a limited presence ”, he started by defending Miguel Franco de Sousa, president of the FPG, speaking to Lusa.

The leader believes that the postponement of the Portuguese event, to a date yet to be defined, was a decision taken in line with Turismo de Portugal and “in line with what has been determined by the Government to have no public events”.

Tournament with audience carried more risks

“Since it is not possible to do a Portugal Masters in all its splendor, it is natural that they have chosen to postpone the competition. We are in an exceptionally good phase, coming out of a confinement, and the practice of golf is completely safe, but if we had a tournament with an audience, we would run many more risks. Not wanting to hold an event behind closed doors, it would have been a decision considered by Turismo de Portugal and the European Tour, taking into account what is best for the country at this time ”, he added.

Despite relying on the decision to reschedule the 14th edition of the Portugal Masters, which will be replaced on the European Circuit calendar by the Tenerife Open, Miguel Franco de Sousa foresees a “challenge to find a new date for the tournament” by the end of the year , when “the Open of Portugal is already guaranteed, with or without an audience, at the Royal Óbidos Golf Resort”, between 23 and 26 September.

Like the FPG president, the Algarve professional Ricardo Santos, one of the three Portuguese members of the European Tour this season, along with Pedro Figueiredo and Filipe Lima, understands the measure announced yesterday, due to travel limitations caused by the new coronavirus.

“I would regret it if it was canceled, but postponing it is not serious. Given the difficult times recently experienced in Portugal with the covid-19 pandemic, I think we need to be more cautious ”, explained the Algarvian, arguing that holding the Portugal Masters“ at the end of the summer would, in principle, be safer than in April ”, as predicted.

Pedro Figueiredo, despite confessing to “received the news today with great pity, because there is always a lot of desire and motivation to play the tournament at home”, defends that “it is necessary to respect the decision.”

“Government entities and the European Tour know what is best to do at this time and, therefore, we have to understand and wait for a new date to play the tournament”, concluded the Lisboner.


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