France to be the capital of Portuguese culture in 2021 – Showbiz

France to be the capital of Portuguese culture in 2021 - Showbiz

"It is a season of events with a broad cultural spectrum, from gastronomy to tourism, and goes through all the classic areas of culture, where Portuguese projects are presented in Portugal and in France are presented Portuguese projects," explained João Pinharanda, cultural adviser to Embassy of Portugal in France.

France has been promoting this initiative with different countries since 1985, having already organized seasons with around 60 countries. The balance of Romania, which is now ending its cross season in Gallic territory, is positive.

"We have had more than a thousand articles in the French press and positive articles, which is not always easy, and it has also made it possible to introduce the most modern part of Romania through our creativity, our cinema , music and exhibitions, "said Luca Niculescu, the Romanian ambassador to France, who was also present at the celebrations of Portugal Day, Camões and Communities.

The Romanian ambassador considers that the situation of Portugal and Romania in France are different, since Portugal is a country with more dissemination, but João Pinharanda, despite recognizing the dynamism, considers that a lack of framework for national cultural initiatives.

"Portugal needs a framework. Many things happen, but they are very dispersed and need to have continuity," said the counselor.

This moment of cultural sharing has accentuated a trend, according to the Portuguese ambassador.

"President Macron's arrival in power marked a new cycle here in France, and we have seen that there is a great deal of political contacts on both sides. The economic indicators and the number of tourists show a great dynamism and, In the first half of 2022, the President and the Prime Minister agreed that it would be appropriate to launch this initiative, "said Jorge Torres Pereira, Lusa.

The presence of Portugal in the Fontainebleau Festival of History is also relevant, since it is one of the largest world meetings in this academic field, promoting more than 300 conferences in its program, and having an open part to the general public.

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