Francisco J. Marques: "Bruno Lage, in the league, is better than Pep Guardiola"

Francisco J. Marques: "Bruno Lage, in the league, is better than Pep Guardiola"

Francisco J. Marques, communication director of FC Porto, made this Tuesday a balance of the championship, which ended with Benfica celebrating the title

The director appointed Bruno Lage batteries and questioned the fact that Benfica's performance in the league was very different from what happened in other competitions.

"Bruno Lage is better than Pep Guardiola, he has an unequaled income in Portuguese football, and in 19 games he has 18 wins and a draw with 72 goals scored and 16 goals … Why is it that such a good course does not have a parallel with the other games of the same team led by Bruno Lage? In five games have a draw and four defeats, with 13 goals scored and 11 conceded, this in the Europa League, Portuguese Cup and League Cup. that there was no interference from the cartel, because the main objective was to win the championship, it was necessary to find a way to disguise everything that happened in the last two years.The methods that led to a series of victories of Benfica, "began by referring in the Port Canal.

"This year we found exactly the same type of walking as in 2015/16." At the time, in a dispute between Benfica and Sporting, who made Bruno Lage was Rui Vitória, also winning a series of victories in the final part of the championship, and later Cássio says that they offered him 60,000 euros to lose, there are Maritimo players who said they were enticed to lose, Lionn said that he, Cassio and Marcelo were We do not know, maybe we'll only know two or three years from now, but it raises suspicions about this difference in income, it's not normal to have one. performance difference between the championship and the other races, "he added.

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