Frederico Varandas: "It has been days and nights to fight with very complicated situations"

Frederico Varandas: "It has been days and nights to fight with very complicated situations"

The president of Sporting took over Friday night in Leiria that the first two months of leadership have been "strenuous", due to the need to deal with "very complicated situations", which he assumed, he hopes "one day to forget."

At the 38th Roaring Lion dinner, in which he participated for the first time as a leonine president, Frederico Varandas revealed the difficulties that the management team has encountered, describing the task as a "colossal challenge": "It has been strenuous days and nights , to deal with very complicated, very difficult situations.Many things that we have to keep forever within us and some of them, we hope we can someday forget them. "

He thanked those who worked with him, "practically living in Alvalade and Alcochete", Frederico Varandas recalled two months of "processes, turbulence, noise, slander, insults, threats, tantrums, media hysteria, arrests, controversies , insanity ".

"Despite all this, they did not deviate from what I asked of them," he praised.

Underlining not to want to be "vigilant", nor want to "erase history, be it good or bad," the president of the lions considered, before the audience of about 1,500 participants, that "a Sporting that does not respect itself , will not have the respect of anyone. A Sporting of sad figures, resabiamento, madness, hysteria, full of people with thirst for protagonism, does not deserve the respect of anyone.

"There is nowhere in the world as much noise as there is often around Sporting," he said. "Everyone, everyone, needs to understand what makes us good and what makes us bad as a club."

Frederico Varandas recalled some successes since taking the lead, such as the agreement with Wolverhampton for the transfer of Rui Patrício: "There were those who said that we were not going to see a euro in the Rui Patrício case." In a very difficult process that required time, , resilience, a lot of effort and commitment from various parties, the case was solved and Sporting received well over one euro. "

For Gelson, who also left after rescinding contract following the attack on the academy of Alcochete, there is still hope of agreement: "Despite the sadness of countless facts that are known to everyone and throughout the world, despite the shame, we do not give up going seek as much as we can for Gelson with Atlético de Madrid. "

The next challenge for Sporting is the bond loan, which Frederico Varandas says was to be the target of "boycotts, wedges, high betrayals and all unspeakable attempts" not to happen.

"Despite the stabbings that have been given in the heart of Sporting, when it is said with impunity and irresponsibility that SAD is bankrupt or insolvent, despite all the incredible maneuvers that could never be believed to be made so that there would be no bond loan, the brutal losses for Sporting himself, despite all this, we have been able to make and launch the bond loan, "he said.

In Leiria, the president of Sporting asked the help of the fans to "win the battle of the bond loan".

"Let's know how to show love for Sporting, especially when Sporting need more: today, and in the coming days, for Sporting and only for Sporting, everyone has the opportunity to do what they can, for ours, for Sporting. If every sporting player subscribes to the minimum value of 100 euros, corresponding to 20 obligations, Sporting will give a huge demonstration of strength to the country and to the world, after all that has happened to us, "concluded Frederico Varandas.

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