French League expresses "full support" for PSG in case of match-fixing

French League expresses "full support" for PSG in case of match-fixing

The French Football League (LFP) today expressed "full support" for Paris Saint-Germain, following the opening of an investigation into the justice of that country, on suspicion of addiction to the result of the football match with the Red Star.

"This case is related to people who gravitate in the orbit of the Serbian club. The LFP expresses its full support for the Paris club and its president, "the French federation said in a statement.

France's authorities have announced on Friday that a suspicious investigation into the outcome of the second-round match of Group C of the Champions League between Paris Saint-Germain and Red Star has been opened, -1.

The French court has confirmed the information initially provided by the sports newspaper L'Équipe – which the Serbs today announced their intention to prosecute – according to which UEFA warned the authorities of that country about the possibility of addiction of the game.

The suspects fall on a Serbian club official who bet a very large amount on their own defeat by a five-goal difference at the October 3 meeting in Paris, refereed by Portuguese Artur Soares Dias.

According to L'Équipe, the Serbian leader of the Red Star used several accomplices to make bets, which reached several million euros.

With the Brazilian striker Neymar in the lead, who scored three goals at 20, 22 and 81 minutes, the remaining PSG goals were scored by Uruguayan Edinson Cavani at 37, Argentina's Ángel di Maria at 41, and Mbappé at 70.

The Serbian side came on goal by Marko Marim, in the 71st minute, just after entering the pitch, realizing one of the few offensive actions of the Serbs throughout the game.

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