French professor accused of harassment for trying to contact Macron – The Economic Journal

French professor accused of harassment for trying to contact Macron - The Economic Journal

A French professor was accused of telephone harassment of the Elysee, the official residence of the French president.

The man between the ages of 38 and 40, the father of a family and resident in Annecy in eastern France, repeatedly called the presidential palace for several days and demanded to speak with Emmanuel Macron to convey his concerns, fears and concerns about the current French political situation.

The call was not passed to the president's office but the Frenchman insisted. Given the insistence that, according to the French media, it was "sufficient to prevent the staff of the telephone exchange from carrying out their work and answering the remaining calls," Eliseu officials decided to file a complaint for telephone harassment: classic administrative procedure, "they assert, happened last September, quoted the" Le Parisien. "

French newspapers reveal that the man had phoned "195 times" in less than 24 hours, but this number has already been called into question by Emmanuel Macron's own official residence, which ensures that calls are not quantified.

The French police did not have great difficulties in finding the man in question since, besides having made all the calls from the fixed telephone of house, this one is already repeated. According to French newspapers, the same would have happened during François Hollande's term.

Officials at the official residence of the French president also ensured that the complaint was made because of the threats made to the staff of the exchange. "He regularly shared his point of view on all sorts of things and considered it legitimate to do so directly to the Elisha. The speech was sometimes incoherent, vindictive and accompanied by insults, "they added, in statements to the newspaper" Le Parisien. "

After being identified, he was called to the squadron of the area of ​​residence and stayed there for several hours making statements. The teacher must be present to a judge in January 2019.

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