“From 2017 we will grow back above the European average”, says António Costa – Jornal Económico

António Costa states that Portugal “from 2017 has grown again above the European average”. In an interview with “TVI”, the Portuguese prime minister emphasizes this change since “from 2000 to 2017”, the country was “always growing below the European average”.

António Costa points out that “in 2019 we are growing and all international institutions predict that in 2020 and 2021 we will continue to grow above the European average”. The prime minister emphasizes that Portugal is approaching "those with a higher standard of living than ours".

The prime minister points out that exports today “mean 44% of our economy, 10 years ago meant 28%”, and that “the major investment effort throughout this legislature has been in private investment in the modernization of companies. We currently have about two billion euros of business investment in pipeline, which means more modernization.

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