From cars to scooters: Uber invests in alternative mobility for big cities – Business

From cars to scooters: Uber invests in alternative mobility for big cities - Business

Uber no longer had a fleet exclusively made up of automobiles, however, the company decided to expand its services to the scooters. Last week, the American giant sent a bunch of bicycles and electric scooters to the streets of Santa Monica, California, which can be easily rented by users through the app.

"As we work so that the smartphone can replace our own cars, we think of every time a driver can simply get in the car and depart, and in the alternative but equally convenient options we can offer to take him to the destination "Rhea Dookeran, product manager for Uber's new scooter department, wrote on the company's blog.

Uber's new bikes and scooters are on the street with the Jump label. The brand was acquired by Uber in April this year and is managing the company's new rental program. All units belonging to this service are red and black and have a Jump logo and white tones.

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Although only available in California, Uber plans to extend service over the next few months. However, the company already has competition from Lyft, which also decided to bet on the sector, thanks to the growing popularity of alternative transport.

With the arrival of these scooters, Uber also offers a cheap and agile means of transport, which allows you to escape traffic in the most pedestrian friendly cities. According to the price list, renting a scooter or bicycle costs only 1 dollar. After the first five minutes of use, the company charges 15 cents for each subsequent minute.

"Going from A to B can mean a lot of different things for the most city-based users, but for smaller trips we want to make it easier and more enjoyable," Dookeran wrote.

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As for these new means of transport, Uber's plans also cover the coverage of services provided by other companies, such as Lime. The American startup, which has already arrived in Portugal, provides a scooter rental service, which can be made available on the Uber platform. In July, the company received $ 335 million in funding from the giant, and Uber said it will integrate its services into its app before the end of the year.

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