From chorus boy to pre-sexagenarian (very) sexy. Lenny Kravitz makes 55th birthday today

From chorus boy to pre-sexagenarian (very) sexy. Lenny Kravitz makes 55th birthday today

He realized early that he wanted to be an artist. At only three years old, more than the toys, were the pot and pans lids of her mother, Roxie Roker, a popular actress daughter of emigrants from the Bahamas, with whom she simulated a battery that most excited him. At five, he began to say that when he grew up, he would be a musician. His parents, who have always encouraged him, have enrolled him in a choir, the California Boys Choir.

Leonard Albert Kravitz, singer, songwriter, musician, actor and record producer, born in Manhattan, New York, USA, on May 26, 1994, is 55 years old today. 20 years after starting his career with the album Let Love Rule, released in 1989, Lenny Kravitz, the stage name he adopted, has sold more than 40 million records. The father, Sy Kravitz, television producer, had Jewish and Ukrainian ancestry.

Despite the success he would achieve, he had a difficult career start. As a result of an interracial marriage that would end in divorce, in the late 1980s many record labels closed down. For some, the music he made, a mix of rock, blues, soul, funk, jazz, reggae, pop and folk, was "not white enough." To the others, "he was not black enough," as he would later complain. In 1998, he invited Stephen Elvis Smith, who had previously worked with his mother and actress Lisa Bonet, whom he was to marry, to be his manager.

Less than a month later, he had five publishers interested in him. After the release of the first album, the success was immediate. In two decades, he recorded 11 albums and released 58 singles. In 1988, he was the father of Zoë Kravitz, model actress and singer. Shortly after, he divorced. Madonna, Vanessa Paradis, Adriana Lima and Nicole Kidman, who was engaged between 2003 and 2004, were some of the (many) girlfriends she had.

Over the course of his career, Lenny Kravitz, who has just created a luxury camera in partnership with Leica, lined with synthetic python skin, which is being marketed for $ 24,000, about 21,400 euros, has already won almost two dozen prizes . The owner of a sculptural body, as you can later confirm, has arisen in the last few days in a daring photographic production on naked trunk.

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