From midnight onwards you will only be able to fill up to 25 liters of fuel.

The Government has declared an energy crisis from midnight today until August 21st. The measure was announced this Friday, August 9, by the Minister of Labor, António Vieira da Silva, and the Minister of Environment, João Matos Fernandes.

The energy crisis declaration will take effect from 11:59 pm on Friday until 11:59 pm on August 21 across the country. With this statement, the Government has a wide range of extraordinary powers to mitigate the effects of disruptions on energy supply.

In practice this means that the government can limit fuel supplies to consumers and may even impose resource sharing among operators at national level. The law also makes it possible to restrict the use of private motor vehicles by prohibiting cycling, to penalize the use of private cars under occupation, to reduce maximum speed limits or to increase tariffs and energy prices.

The announced supply limits are 15 liters in the priority network and 25 liters in the remaining stations.

The Government had also reported that the minimum services were set at between 50 and 100%. For drivers of hazardous materials 50% has been decreed, as well as for gas stations. For public transport and for airports and health services, as well as for emergency networks, minimum services of 100% were set.

António Vieira da Silva also added that the Government does not rule out the possibility of a request for preventive civil requisition in the face of the drivers strike, which starts scheduled for next Monday, the 12th. According to the opinion of the Advisory Board of the Prosecutor General of the Republic (PGR), the Government may resort to civil requisition before the strike.

"The government will try not to require the civil requisition," he said.

The minister also said that the advice of the PGR Advisory Council concludes that the right to strike “cannot be unhindered by any restrictions” and that “a strike that violates the principle of good faith can be considered abusive and unlawful” and stated that the Government has decided to move forward with minimum services given “the absence of agreement between the parties”.

The National Hazardous Material Drivers Union (SNMMP) and the Independent Freight Drivers Union (SIMM) have called for a strike to begin on the 12th and indefinitely. The Northern Road and Urban Transport Workers Union (STRUN) has also joined the strike.

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