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Social Security has launched a new online feature for managing debt benefit plans. A new feature in Social Security Direct is now available for citizens or companies to submit requests for payment plans for Social Security debts that are in tax execution.

"There is now a new functionality available in Social Security Direct for the presentation by citizens or companies of requests for payment plans for social security debts that are in tax execution," the ministry led by Vieira da Silva in a statement.

The application, preparation of the plan and management of payments of tax foreclosures can now be done online, through direct social security.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Security estimates that around 100,000 taxpayers are covered by this measure, which will allow, in addition to the benefit plan, immediate approval, management of the amounts that are still to be regularized and access to their references for The payment.

According to the communiqué, "with this new functionality the process of regularizing debts to Social Security becomes simpler and more agile, exempting citizens and companies from going to the Social Security Sections"

The new service is available in Social Security Direct, here, then clicking on 'checking account' and 'debts in tax'.

The new features

Citizens and companies with a total debt of less than 50 thousand euros and simultaneously with a debt of less than five thousand euros per case and appendices (for Individuals) or with a debt of less than 10 thousand euros per case and appendices (case of Persons Collective) now have at their disposal the following features.

The Ministry of Social Security explains that such functionalities as the creation of a benefit plan through Social Security Direct, in an easy and practical, with option number of benefits desired. And also the simulation of your payment plan, the immediate approval of the request made, with waiver of guarantee; as well as the management of the values ​​that are to be regularized and the access to the references for their payment.

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