From "The Crown" to the world of "Furious Speed": the first image of Vanessa Kirby in "Hobbs and Shaw"

From "The Crown" to the world of "Furious Speed": the first image of Vanessa Kirby in "Hobbs and Shaw"

Vanessa Kirby's first image was revealed in "Hobbs and Shaw," the first spin-off of the saga "Speed ​​Furious" is now in production in London.

It was Dwayne Johnson who officially welcomed the British actress who became known as Princess Margaret in the first two seasons of the acclaimed Netflix series "The Crown" and has since gained credentials in action movies thanks to the recent "Mission Impossible: Fallout ".

The new film focuses on the team formed by special agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) and the redeemed criminal and former captain in the British special forces Deckard Shaw (Jason Statham).

The Hollywood studio is committed to both monetizing the characters' popularity with fans and the flickering dynamics of the actors revealed when they met from "Furious Speed ​​7" (2015), which postponed the ninth film of the main saga to 2020.

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It was already known that Vanessa Kirby was going to be an MI-6 agent and Statham's character's sister, which means that she is also the sister of Luke Evans, the villain (redeemed) of "Furious Speed ​​6" (2013) and daughter of Helen Mirren, who entered the eighth film of the saga (2017).

Dwayne Johnson revealed that the character is going to be called Hattie Shaw and beyond the hardness, characteristic of the family, likes to "take long walks on the beach" and "drink tequila with Hobbs." And he joked that, to his delight, Deckard Shaw hates his sister joining the action alongside his rival.

David Leitch, director of "Deadpool 2", is ahead of "Hobbs and Shaw", whose great villain will be played by Idris Elba.

The premiere is scheduled for August 2 in the US.

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