From the "Neurotic" to the "Princess" and the "Senior", the dogs' lives are also told in their objects – Current

From the "Neurotic" to the "Princess" and the "Senior", the dogs' lives are also told in their objects - Current

After seven thousand dollars of expenses, three and a half months of preparation, thousands of objects selected and weeks of searching for the ideal model, the American photographer Alicia Rius is a happy woman. He got his photography project right. He calls it "A Dog's Life" ("Dog's Life") and brings us the picture of the objects – many – that accompany the daily life of six faithful friends.

When looking at the result of this series of six images we do not have the immediate perception of all the work involved and that, from the idea until the concretization, involved more than three years of work and close to four months of operation of the project.

For the photographer, working from Los Angeles, California, there is a message underlying all the captured images. Different breeds of dogs have distinct personalities and take on a sense of ownership towards their objects. Alicia, an animal lover since childhood, explains to us on her website: "The items that shape the daily routine of dogs, objects they carry, keep and even eat give us clues to their hearts and minds. They tell us what makes them more proud or happy. "

In the half-dozen photographs that Alicia gives us, we'll find the "Neurotic" with all her chewed toys, the "Senior" who spends her days in hospitals and subject to medication, "The Princess" which lives in a pink world and surrounded by extravagant objects. Already "The Best in Show" lives in contests of canine beauty.

In his turn the "Athlete" ("The Fetcher", in the original), has a daily obsession, trying to always catch something. Finally the "Vagabundo" ("The Stray" in the original) lives without roof, in the streets, surviving with what it finds.

In addition to the obvious difficulty of working with animals in the studio, trying to capture the expression that best fits with her personality and select the balanced composition of objects that accompany dogs, Alicia was faced with the problem of finding the right "models" I published posts in several groups of the Facebook and I also used the app Nextdoor asking for dogs that would model. I thought it would be easier because there are so many dogs in this town. However, it was very difficult to find the right dogs, "he tells us. This is because the photographer was looking for animals of different sizes, different coat color and availability between the owners' agenda and the studio days.

In your site the photographer tells us in detail the whole creative process.

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