From the vegetable super heroes to the coffee grounds, four days of environmental celebration at Greenfest – Showbiz

From the vegetable super heroes to the coffee grounds, four days of environmental celebration at Greenfest - Showbiz

"It is a festival and a great party linked to the environment, in the various perspectives, such as social, economic or cultural, a great party with conferences, music, theater, stand-up comedy, fashion …" Matos, the creator and organizer of the initiative, aimed at all types of public, especially young students.

This is also the reason why the festival lasts four days, between 11 and 14 October, and two of them are during the week, Thursday and Friday, precisely to allow the visit of schools. "The first two days are more dedicated to the business and student public", and the capacity for students is almost exhausted, the official told Lusa.

Greenfest, this year in 11th edition and always in the Estoril congress center, will be attended by the Australian activist Leyla Acaroglu, who will talk about the progress of the sustainable lifestyle of citizens, but also presentations on environmental education, climate change, sustainable tourism, well-being and health, bio-construction, eco-parishes, eco-schools, or healthy eating. It is considered the biggest sustainability event in the country.

Greenfest "will link technological advancements with a circular, social development and sharing of sustainable ideas, experiences and best practices, thus contributing to greater visibility of projects of companies, institutions, and citizens who have a sustainable future in mind" , says the organization in a statement.

Pedro Norton de Matos added to Lusa that Greenfest wants different audiences with different languages, which can be conferences but also plays, workshops, but also music and games.

The International Nanotechnology Laboratory in Braga will even have a house with equipment that already exists or will exist, such as the 3D printer that, explained Norton de Matos, can print for example a doll in the form of a superhero but made of vegetables, a way to overcome the aversion that many children have to vegetables.

And because it deals with circular economy and protection of the environment, there will be spaces of traditional arts and crafts, such as sewing, "in the perspective of reuse."

According to Pedro Norton de Matos all the material used in the festival is reused. In a time when cities waste a third of their drinking water, not to mention food or energy, he says that nature teaches that everything is transformed and that the concept must be applied.

That is why Greenfest welcomes four-day projects for a more sustainable world, such as Eco-parishes, for sustainable community development, under the responsibility of the Blue Flag Association of Europe, a non-governmental environmental organization.

"More development and more people, more wealth, does not have to be synonymous with producing more trash or using more plastic," says Norton de Matos, adding that Greenfest will also have several initiatives related to plastic, from artists' installations taking advantage of garbage from plastic to warn scientists of the harm of nanoplastics in the human body.

But it will also have initiatives around sustainable construction, with environmentally friendly materials. "There is furniture that is made of rice husks," says Pedro Norton de Matos, who "imported" the idea of ​​Greenfest from the United States, where he saw the concept, which is now a "reference" and already has an edition also in Braga.

Coming from the area of ​​economics but of soul and heart in the environment, Pedro Norton de Matos points out that "nature is a living laboratory. What modern science enshrines are principles that nature has already solved. We will gain as humans if we do not turn our backs on nature and live closer to nature. "

And, according to the organizer of the initiative, a better future will come "hand in hand with who or what does not yet exist, of the small companies that are today," adding that today's big companies started as "startups". That was the case with Apple, Uber, and Alibaba.

In Greenfest, for now, it is created place for those who with coffee grounds do jewelry.

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