"Frozen" is like "The Exorcist": Ryan Reynolds no longer "supports" Disney animation – News

"Frozen" is like "The Exorcist": Ryan Reynolds no longer "supports" Disney animation - News

Actor ventured with Ellen DeGeneres who has seen "Frozen" too often because of her daughters.

Ryan Reynolds no longer supports seeing "Frozen" and thinks the film is actually a remake of the horror classic "The Exorcist."

The actor has been on Ellen DeGeneres' show and among stories about a recent trip to Abu Dhabi, a bad haircut and Thanksgiving festivities, revealed that the two young daughters, aged four and two, can not begin the day without seeing the Disney animation.

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The obsession is so great that it's one of the reasons Reynolds is thrilled with the appropriate version for parents to see with the children of "Deadpool 2", called "Once Upon a Deadpool", which arrives these days at American theaters.

In fact, Ryan Reynolds went so far as to tell Ellen DeGeneres that the new film is far more interesting to parents than the adventures of Anna and Elsa, plus Kristoff, Sven and Olaf.

"I saw 'Frozen' with my daughters so many, many times," he said.

"People do not know this, a lot of parents do not know this. If we show 'Frozen' the other way around, it's actually a new version of the image of 'The Exorcist." So obviously that would anger many parents. even enthusiastic about the edited version of 'Deadpool 2', "he said.

Review the video, the great "revelation comes after the 4:30 minutes.

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