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The rationing of 15 liters of diesel or gasoline per vehicle is only in force in the 310 points of the Strategic Network of Supply Points (REPA). The rationing "remains until the normalization" of the fuel supply, explained the source of the Ministry of the Environment to the Economic Newspaper this Thursday, April 18.

At all other stations in the national network, there is no limitation to the fuel supply as they are being replenished after the end of the strike of drivers of dangerous goods.

REPA stations are posts that have priority in tank truck supply, and where emergency services and security forces have priority to fuel. Thus, these filling stations are "obliged to reserve, for the exclusive use of the priority entities, at least one supply unit".

These stations are also obliged to reserve for the exclusive use of these entities "a quantity of 10 thousand of diesel, or 20% of their capacity, 4 thousand of gasoline and 2 thousand of LPG-auto (liquefied petroleum gas).

In this way, a REPA station with 10 bombs only needs to reserve a maximum of two bombs, with the other bombs becoming available to the general public.

After the National Union of Dangerous Goods Drivers (SNMMP) and the National Association of Public Road Transport Transporters (ANTRAM) reached an agreement on the morning of Thursday, April 18, the Government announced that normality at the fuel stations will be gradually restored.

According to a balance made by the platform 'Can no longer fuel', after the strike ended on Thursday morning, April 18, there were 976 gas stations without gas, 156 without gasoline and 603 stations without the two fuels in the whole country , in the total of 3,000 stations that exist in all the country.

Dividing this amount by districts, Lisbon, Porto and Aveiro were this morning the most affected by this strike and also because of the run on the bombs that the citizens did. Lisbon had 425 fuel stations this morning, Porto has 290 and Aveiro has fuel shortages in 153 fueling stations. Braga was on the list with 145 and Faro with 82 posts without supply.

Find out here where you can stock your car in one of these 310 priority service stations.

Find out where the 310 stations are to supply up to 15 liters of fuel

Portugal still has 976 stations without diesel, 156 without gasoline and 603 without both fuels

Portugal still has 976 stations without diesel, 156 without gasoline and 603 without both fuels

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