Fuel-saving application and system for new generation of satellites win Altice award – Expert

Fuel-saving application and system for new generation of satellites win Altice award - Expert

Fuel Save in the Startups category and Towards 5G: Tb / s speed Telecom Payloads in Academia are the big winners of the 2018 Altice Innovation Award. Proposals have raised respectively € 50,000 and € 25,000 and the possibility of a pilot.

The second edition of the Altice Innovation Award already has winners. After evaluating more than 80 proposals, the finalists were nine: a group of six startups, three Portuguese and three French, and three in the Academy category, reserved for masters and doctoral researchers. Fuel Save, in the Startups category, and Towards 5G: Tb / s speed Telecom Payloads, at Academia, were announced this Wednesday as the final winners.

Always with a lot of technology to mix, or innovation was not the motto of Altice's international initiative, the ideas were very varied, ranging from solutions for electric vehicle loading, a proposal to discover the history and curiosities of a city through a game an idea that turns your smartphone into a personal speaker, video streaming and a suggestion to bring Bluetooth "to the limit". This is in the Startups category.

But here the winner was the Fuel Save application, designed to teach truckers how to save fuel.

Speaking to SAPO TEK as a finalist, António Fradique, one of the co-founders of the startup, said that Fuelsave is distinguished from the competition "by the team, and by the people who surround the company, such as our advisors."

He assured that the team, dedicated to data science in real time and that has an application to optimize the driving of trucks, was able to fulfill all the milestones planned during 2018 and still obtain financing in a short time – since the startup was constituted in February of 2018.

In the Academy category of the Altive Innovation Award, the proposals went on to develop a maketplace for the sale of computing capacity, to prepare the electricity grid of the future and to integrate a photonic processor in a chip destined to create a new generation of satellites, which was eventually chosen as winner.

In statements to SAPO TEK before knowing that it would be the winner, Vanessa Duarte said that the Altice Innovation Award marked its debut in such an initiative and explained the project. The Towards 5G: Tb / s speed Telecom Payloads consists of the development and pioneering demonstration of a photonic processor integrated in a silicon chip for the application in the new generation of communications satellites.

The goal is to "get the Internet to everywhere in the world, where it was not possible for fiber optics, raising signal quality, reducing the costs of satellite services to the same levels of optical fiber, and introducing boom technologies like 5G and IoT services, "said Vanessa Duarte.

At the time, the PhD finalist also showed confidence in her work over the last four years. "I think I have a winning proposal because, apart from being the first time in the world in which photonic technology is implemented and demonstrated in this concept, it also provides the necessary solutions to the problems of communication satellites that nowadays several companies like Airbus , Thales and ESA seek ".

He also defended that the project would be of interest to Altice as a way of responding to the so-called digital gap, which exists throughout the world. "In this way it will be possible for this operator to provide faster services, with greater capacity and to open horizons to other locations. In addition, lowering the cost of providing data to the fiber level with satellite coverage makes Altice the leader in its industry. "

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