Fuels are coming down all over the country. Know the cheapest posts here – The Economic Journal

Fuels are coming down all over the country. Know the cheapest posts here - The Economic Journal

Fuel prices have been dropping again since Monday at refueling points in Portugal, reflecting the sharp devaluation of oil in international markets.

Since the beginning of October, the price of 'black-gold' has already fallen more than 30%. Yesterday, the price of the barrel of US crude broke even the $ 50 barrier and fell to a low of October 2017.

Also the price of a barrel of "Brent" oil, which serves as a reference for Portuguese imports, was trading below US $ 58 per barrel, a value that had not been recorded for more than a year.

Reflecting this devaluation of the raw material, and according to Economic Newspaper, the price of gasoline and diesel will fall three cents next week, in the main petrol stations of the country.

"The evolution of the prices in euros points to a decrease in the price of gas oil and gasoline by 3 cents per liter," the industry source told the newspaper.

The declines will be felt both in the pumps of the main gas stations and in the hypermarkets, where "the devaluation of both products should be around 2.5 cents per liter," the newspaper reported from another source.

Since Oct. 8, when prices began this cycle of falls, gasoline 95 fell by an average of 12 cents, while gas oil devalued an average of 6 cents per liter at national gas stations, according to data from the Directorate General of Energy and Geology (DGEG).

The same data show that the average price of the liter of gasoline in Portugal is currently at 1,515 euros, while diesel fuel costs 1,404 euros. Quotations may however vary at the filling stations, as the price set in the network also takes into account the level of competition, supply and demand in each market and the level of fixed costs of each station.

According to the latest Brussels report, after taxes, the average price of 95 octane gasoline practiced in Portugal is the seventh most expensive in the EU. On the other hand, diesel occupies the tenth position among the 28 countries of the Community space.

The Most Economical

Petrol (s):
– Intermarché de Caldas das Taipas – € 1,349

– Jumbo of Guimarães – 1,349 €

– E. Leclerc de Barcelos – € 1,364

– Prio de Ourém – 1,369 €

– Intermarché de Ourém – 1,369 €

Diesel fuel (s):
– Intermarché from Vila Real de Santo António – € 1,239

– Rede Energis de Monte Gordo – € 1,239

– Intermarché from Caldas das Taipas – € 1,239

– Jumbo of Guimarães – 1.239 €

– Pingo Doce of Castelo Branco-Cruz de Montalvão – € 1,247

Source: DGEG

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