Fundão: The largest national festival of mushroom eating returns to the village of Alcaide – News

Fundão: The largest national festival of mushroom eating returns to the village of Alcaide - News

In 2018, the first decade of the "Míscaros – Mushroom Festival" will be celebrated not only with the usual ludic and cultural activities in honor of the landscape, cultural and environmental heritage of the Alcaide and of the entire Serra da Gardunha, but also with some news, like the Market of the Republic, a new tasting space, where visitors can taste, through purchase of chips, the gastronomic proposals of the various chefs. Foods that may be accompanied by wines, cocktails and craft beers available in the same space.

For three days, visitors to the Mushroom Festival will be able to enjoy the natural surroundings of the Gardunha slope, have fun with the street entertainment, participate in workshops, and taste a variety of mushroom recipes, and other specialties of the region, in the 60 typical little village taverns specially prepared for the occasion. Tasquinhas with the singularity of being managed by the own inhabitants of the Beira locality.

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You can also participate in one of several mycological tours, or attend live cooking demonstrations of the various chefs present at the event: Chakall, Joe Best, Miguel Gameiro, Mário Rui Ramos, Rodrigo Alves and Duarte Batista (these two are children of the earth) and the young João Mata.

One of the great attractions of this festival, dedicated to the more than 300 species of mushrooms in our country, is the mega mushroom rice lunch.

As in previous editions, the festival keeps the environmental concern in mind, so all the material used is biodegradable, from recyclable dishes to completely vegetal glasses based on polylactic acid (PLA), which require low energy consumption in their which can be recycled or decomposed after 45 to 60 days.

Also with ecological concerns, the space dedicated to children, the "Miscolândia", playground and learn the rudiments of the environmental cause.

Since Míscaros is also a social festival, this year's edition supports the CLR Project, an NGO for humanitarian and social intervention in Portugal and Africa, especially with children, where only volunteers work.

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As part of this solidarity campaign, a fundraising action will be held "Alcaide Solidário – Juntos por un Amigo", on November 17 at 11:30 p.m., at which time a "Mogumelo Mealheiro", a biodegradable flashlight, will be launched in the sky. that everyone will be able to contribute 3.00 euros, of which 50% will revert to the solidarity project.

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Also in this context, and in a social responsibility and inclusion aspect, the "Different Cooking" event will be repeated, as a way to promote the participation of young cooks with Down and, above all, to allow the general public to observe techniques of preparation and confection of the protagonists of this festival, sensitizing to the relevant role of all in our society.

This event is organized by the League of Friends of the Alcaide, together with the Municipality of Fundão and the Parish Council of Alcaide.

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