GAL foresees investment of 311 thousand euros in the flow of agricultural production from the Central Algarve

Algarve associations and farmers affected by the pandemic ask for support for small production

The latest call from the Central Algarve Local Action Group calls for an investment of around 311 thousand euros to support the flow of agricultural production through short chains and local markets.

“In the case of the GAL Interior of the Central Algarve, this announcement closed on May 6 with 13 applications received, representing a proposed investment value of 311,574.18 euros, which translates into an expected support of the PDR 2020 – Rural Development Program of 194,945.94 euros, much higher than the value of the notice – 52,795.75 euros -, which demonstrates the importance of this measure in current times ”, reinforced, in a statement, the In Loco Association, the manager of this LAG.

"This notice will be reinforced in order to include all applications that may have a favorable opinion", pointed out the association.

In total, across the country there are more than 4.5 million euros of aid for small agriculture provided by LAGs to support the flow of local production through short chains and local markets.

The last measure managed by the LAGs locally under the LEADER / DLBC Approach of the PDR2020 Rural Development Program, aims to boost the creation of short agro-food distribution chains and commercialization models for the proximity of agricultural and processed products, adapting local responses to the new times of living with COVID-19.

The ordinance is part of a set of exceptional and temporary measures, in Covid-19 times, with the aim of "promoting and streamlining the channels for marketing local food products".

Among the possibilities for the flow of production, promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture with the involvement of the Local Action Group and the Minha Terra Federation, the campaign and platform "Feed those who feed it" also stands out, which already brings together more than 900 registered producers and has recorded close to 100,000 views since mid-April.


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