Galp and seven company officials accused for payment of travel to the Euro 201616 – The Economic Newspaper

Two companies of the Galp group and seven officials of the two companies are prosecuted by the Public Prosecutor's Office in the scope of travels offered by the oil company to governors during Euro 2016.

"According to the indictment, the defendants linked to the Galp group, acting in the name and in the interest of the defendant companies, addressed invitations to several persons exercising public functions or positions to attend national team matches in the European football championship, which took place in France in the months of June and July 2016. The costs associated with travel, including travel, meals and tickets for the games, would be fully borne by an accused company, "according to the statement released this Friday, May 10, by the Attorney General's Office.

"With such conduct, they offered, offered and made available, at the Galp Group's expense, patrimonial and non-equity advantages to which the addressed addresses were not entitled, exclusively on the basis of their functions," according to the PGR.

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