Game Release Dates: The Game Release Dates App – Android

Game Release Dates: The Game Release Dates App - Android

With the amount of video games released monthly on the PC and main consoles, it is normal that you lose track of when that title you want to buy, because often they change the date, being postponed. That's why you can install the Game Release Dates app, a very simple and practical application that groups all the news per month and is updated on a daily basis.

In the app you can mark favorite titles, receiving alerts when it is released or when it is changed. But more than lists, each game has a complete card with useful information, such as the official trailer, a short synopsis, the platforms on which it is released, screenshots, and other useful data about them. Soon the application will also introduce the titles released on Google Stadia.

The application also allows the sharing of games on social networks, or access its official website for more information about them.

You can download the app on iOS and Android versions.

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