Games and utilities in new proposals to install on smartphone – Apps

Games and utilities in new proposals to install on smartphone - Apps

It is likely that not many users who subscribe to Apple Music on Android devices, but for those who do, the technology of Cupertino has a novelty: the streaming platform will start working on tablets with this operating system.

This new beta, which will reach the tablets, derives from an update recently made to the Android version, whose updates will also be felt on smartphones. One of the more structural changes concerns the transition from the options menu to a navigation bar where different parts of the app become easier to access, especially on phones with large screens.

Note that this version for Android tablets will only initially be available to users enrolled in the Google Groups beta testers program, and it is not public the date the program will be made available to the public.

At a time when Apple moves to a service-based business model, it is normal for the company to feel the need to increasingly embrace platforms and systems with its solutions.

App Life Lapse wants to put your photos "to move" in a creative way

It is an image editing tool and has very popular features these days. Do you see those videos with dummy effects like plasticine? That's what we're talking about …

The maxim of the creators of the application is even there: "Easily create stop motion from a camera that already carries with you from day to day … your phone!" They suggest.

In this mode, you will be able to apply each frame to each picture so that, in the end, the main element in the picture appears to be in motion.

But in addition to stop motion, you can also create mini video clips in time lapse that positions multiple photos and plays them at a certain speed with the "acceleration" effect. Usually "everyday" examples are the passage of the day, from dawn to dusk, or the blossoming of a flower.

In addition, you have more "normal" filters to apply to your projects, as well as tutorials to improve your creations. These can be published on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or shared with friends and family through WhatsApp, Messenger or by email. The Life Lapse is available for iOS and Android in a free version and can be upgraded with access to more features , for a paid version.

Train strike? Learn in real time the disturbances of the network

The platform informs passengers of deleted or delayed trains, offering real-time information.

Concerned about the difficulties of people dealing with the delays of trains, especially in times of strike, the application maintains a database with real-time information on the state of rail transport throughout the country. If long delays or trains are suppressed, the application keeps users informed of any disturbances on the line.

The application, already available on Android smartphones, can also be consulted in browser version on PC. In the future it will reach iOS devices. The tool, created by the same team of the website, allows people to anticipate and reformulate their travels and think of alternatives, so as not to have unexpected surprises and arrive late to their commitments.

The team explains that the platform collects the information directly from the Infrastructure of Portugal website, immediately updating its application, using a notification system to keep users informed. The code for is open source and allows anyone to change the application to new features, joining the cause.

Ever heard of Ava Airbone? Look who is "handsome" to play …

In this side-scrolling runner-type game will control the "flying" Ava by skies full of hazards, but also of items to collect. Without touching the ground.

Everything starts with a hang glider as transport, but after accumulating meters (translated in miles) will have more "hitchhiking" available to go through the different scenarios of the adventure, visually very appealing, as well as the soundtrack that accompanies them. do not do without some traps in the middle, and so you have to sidestep giant balloons and electrified bars. However, by the positive – and to gain "swing" – you can dive into overloaded catapults and bounce off trampolines, climbing up to the clouds. Just can not touch the ground. As you go forward and accumulating points – candy – you can either unlock items or buy different accessories.
Ava Airborne is a free game with shopping in app. It is available for Android devices (with a version still under development) and iOS.

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