Games, deliveries, translations and 3D photos among the best apps this week – Apps

Games, deliveries, translations and 3D photos among the best apps this week - Apps

Whether it's for Android or iOS, there are always applications to consider in a universe that never stops growing, as you can see by our proposals. Among the news just released or about to come, games win, but we have other chances of interest …

Among the apps we choose to highlight over the last few days you can find some bids made in Portugal, such as Elifoot 18, or "for" Portugal, as the the app Detective Trail who arrives now in Lisbon, or Uber Eats, who has just passed the 25 de Abril Bridge to deliver food in the houses of the South Bank. Also count with the challenging Glitch Dash and the updated Candy Crush Friends and enjoy fishing with Power Fishing or to measure suitcases with the Kayak app.

Elifoot 18: the Portuguese classic manager is back

The simplicity of the interface plus the increasing challenges promise to make any player a virtual soccer coach.

If you are a lover of football and games that simulate the role coach, then you have certainly heard of Elifoot. This is a Portuguese videogame that was born in the old days of ZX Spectrum and over the years has been winning a legion of fans. The famous series created by André Elias allowed virtual coaches to take care of a football club, from the tactics inside the field, to the management of players, to the expansion of the stadiums and all matters related to the direction of the club.

Elifoot 18 aims to exploit the whole spirit of virtual football, based on simplicity but now in the palm of the hand. The coach starts the career in the division of his choice and will have to compete in the different championships. The game supports up to eight players simultaneously, but you can experience this football adventure alone. It is possible to make transfers with other clubs and you must manage the entire team with available athletes, from those punished to the injured. The game includes the national licensed teams of the first and second division, as well as the respective athletes.

Although the basis of the game is free, only in the Pro version is it possible to have access to all the features and modes of this simulator. manager. You can download the iOS and Android version.

Discover the city of Lisbon in treasure hunting mode

The Detective Trail app arrived in the capital after passing through several European cities.

With the Detective Trail will even dress the skin of a detective and, as if it were a peddy-paper city, will go through several routes while deciphering puzzles and solve puzzles.

All questions and challenges are related to the history and happenings of the city you are visiting. In the end, you will be entitled to a virtual premium that is no more than a voucher that can be used immediately after the treasure hunt or saved for later.

The fun always starts at a train station and in Lisbon the voucher can be picked up at Campo de Ourique from Tuesday to Sunday from 11 am to 7 pm.

Although the application, available for Android and iOS, be free, discovering the treasures of Lisbon costs 2.99 euros. And you can do it in a group or in a more solitary way.

After Lisbon and Porto, Uber Eats goes to the South Bank

Almada and Seixal are, from this Wednesday, the new places in Portugal where Uber will deliver food home.

In the municipality of Almada the Uber Eats cover includes all the parishes and in Seixal it includes the parishes of Corroios, Amora, Seixal and Arrentela.

With this launch, Uber's food delivery application is available in 10 Portuguese cities: Lisbon, Porto, Oeiras, Cascais, Amadora, Loures, Leça da Palmeira, Matosinhos, as well as Almada and Seixal.

The selection of restaurants for the new counties includes options such as the Romeira Market, Estaminé 1955, Home Sweet Sushi, Al-Madan Pastéis and Mundet Factory, as well as the exclusive partnership with McDonald's.

The complete list for Portugal goes in more than 800 restaurants available.

Uber Eats works with no minimum value per order, every day from 12.00 a.m. to 00.00 p.m., with extended night hours in some areas.

It is recalled that the service was launched in 2017 in Lisbon and in May this year in Oporto.

If you're looking for an almost impossible challenge, Glitch Dash is for you.

Hammers, axes, geometric obstacles and lasers are obstacles to overcome in this free app for iOS and Android, which is making "desperate" players around the world.

Glitch Dash is difficult, "VERY hard". The goal is to have reflexes to match the challenges of a race through an abstract world filled with intense labyrinths, trying to survive.

The controls are simple: drag right, left, up or down, to change lines, jump or "download". But while the commands are easy to take on, the game itself is not. This is because everything has to be done in the correct timing.

And although the soundtrack's "beating" is presented as a plus in the game, it may help to irritate us a bit, in the midst of the desperation to avoid obstacles in time.

Glitch Dash is free for both Android and iOS, and can be purchased a version premium.

Candy Crush has been updated and is now even more "sweet" and addictive

New game modes, updated graphics, and the ability to receive more friends make Candy Crush Friends a serious casual gaming affair.

The Candy Crush saga game update has been available since yesterday and already has many fan comments from this app that invites you to addictive moments between puzzles with candy combinations.

The model is the same and does not have great secrets, offering rewards as you get more points and join friends in the game.

King's apps are among the most successful of thousands of casual mobile games and have many clones, but none with the same success.

The Android application is available at this link and there is also a version for iOS and Windows Phone PC.

Enjoy the weekend to go fishing with Power Fishing

The game launched at mobile terminals turns fishing into a colorful, frantic and fun event. Only missing the smell of the salty sea …

Fishing is the art of patience, knowing the right time to pull the hook when you feel the sinking sink, and often breaks the line, stuck to a rock. A bummer, many will say. In Power Fishing is exactly the opposite, the fishing is frenetic and full of action, where there are plenty of fun colors and animations.

After choosing the character, or modifying its appearance, the virtual fishermen will be sent to the high seas on your yacht to start the fishing festival. The game features detailed scenarios, engaging tropical landscapes, beautiful sunset, and a totally three-dimensional overall environment.

The game offers several missions to complete, whether you fish a certain species of fish or a specific weight. You will also have the opportunity to participate in online multiplayer championships. Like the best Korean titles, the introduced RPG elements encourage the characters to accumulate experience, develop special abilities and techniques, and unlock equipment such as reeds, reels, or bait to make fishing more effective.

Also highlight the very simple gameplay, using only one finger to throw the bait to the sea, and roll the reel, or relieve the pressure of the fish to collect it without damaging it.

You can download Power Fishing for Android devices.

Are you wondering if your bag will fit on the plane? This app helps

The new cabin bag restriction policies of air carriers such as Ryanair, EasyJet and even TAP are one of the major concerns of air travelers on holiday or work trips.

Scenarios happen at boarding gates: Most airlines have introduced new barriers to the arrival of luggage and luggage in the staterooms and require passengers to measure (and weigh) their bags before boarding. The size and weight limits are getting shorter and in some cases already have to pay to carry the so-called cabin bags, which are also smaller sizes.

Among the different policies of the various airlines it is easy to get confused. After all they are 55x40x20 cm or 56x45x25? And what is the maximum weight is 8 or 10 kg? Can I take another bag or a suitcase?

Kayak has added to its travel booking application a new feature to help solve these doubts and to "measure" your hand luggage in real time to see if it will be accepted in the airline you are going to use. The app uses camera image recognition and the tool that recognizes measurements and for now only works on iOS, but the download is free.

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