Garvetur / Enolagest Group awarded with Trophy of Best Portuguese Real Estate Agent 2018 – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Garvetur / Enolagest Group awarded with Trophy of Best Portuguese Real Estate Agent 2018 - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

The Garvetur / Enolagest Group, in the person of its CEO, Reinaldo Teixeira, received last Saturday in Faro, the Trophy of Best Portuguese Real Estate Agent 2018, in an initiative of the Franco-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIFP) based in Paris.

Reinaldo Teixeira (CEO of the Garvetur / Enolagest Group)

"It is with the greatest satisfaction that I receive this award in the year that Garvetur turns 35, closing with a golden key this milestone of the life of the company whose longevity and position in the market is intrinsically linked to customers who have become friends" said Reinaldo Teixeira.

The CCIFP's traditional gala that took place this year at the EVA Hotel in Faro brought together nearly 300 participants, with the CCIFP Trophies focused on Real Estate, Young Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Personality of the Year, along with the distinction of Best Portuguese Mediator, which honors entrepreneurs who have distinguished themselves by their prestige and professionalism, according to the criteria defined by that organization.

"The growth in demand from French citizens, currently the first investment market in residential tourism, demonstrates the success of efforts to reinforce the positive image of Portugal and especially the Algarve as a good destination to live and invest and save", stressed the Algarvian businessman.

Regarding the award, Reinaldo Teixeira said he had identified "The need for a strategy to create a core of investees that cover the entire investment cycle associated with residential and tourism real estate, in contacts with the Portuguese-speaking community in France, which I consider to be true ambassadors of the country and their potential".

The administrator of Garvetur / Enolagest expressed in his speech the importance of the CCIFP initiatives, namely the Portuguese Real Estate and Tourism Show in Paris, as well as the protocols that this chamber has been celebrating with the municipalities in Portugal, namely Faro, where the Gala, contacts were made between entrepreneurs from both countries.

Family photo of CCIFP 2018 Gala winners

Reinaldo Teixeira stated that it is the intent of the Garvetur / Enolagest Group "to strengthen ties with the Portuguese-speaking communities in France, with the ambition of attracting both young and old, and, on a larger scale, large investors".

"My ambition is to see our country enjoy increasing international recognition and to be distinguished by the professionals of great value it possesses and, in personal and business terms, contribute to the growth of the Tourism sector, so important for the development of Portugal. After 35 years of accumulated experience, I believe that Garvetur / Enolagest has even more responsibility to do better, to maintain a prominent place in the industry and to be entitled to the recognition of the prize now awarded, " said the CEO of Garvetur.

Considering that the tourism and real estate sector focused on residential tourism was decisive in the economic recovery of the country, the winner concluded by stating that "We want the excellent results obtained to be sustained in 2018 and in the years to come."



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