Get products for oily skin with imperfections and / or acneic tendency – Hobbies

Get products for oily skin with imperfections and / or acneic tendency - Hobbies

Acne is a skin infection that arises from a combination of factors, one of the main being the production, by the sebaceous gland, of excess fat, which is then the source of pore obstruction. This process triggers an inflammation of the pore by accumulation of fat inside. In cases where there is no obstruction, excess fat leads to the much-feared facial glow in the complexion that many people exhibit.

In this phase, we have already talked about oily skin and even acne, not ruling out the possibility of inflammatory lesions. However, these imperfected epidermis may have varying degrees of severity. In order to limit the worsening of these imperfections and to help eliminate them, a hygienic routine should be adopted with products with formulations that protect the skin.

Ducray Keracnyl PP, one of the products that can be used, is an anti-imperfection softening cream that favors the reduction of problem bubbles and limits the persistent marks that they leave. A dermatological care that benefits from the patented innovation of Mirtacina Nova Geração, which, together with vitamin PP, decreases the tolerance of topical medicinal treatments, improving the skin.

Keracnyl Gel Foam, another of the products of this French brand, also enriched with Mirtacina Nova Geração, a patented innovation, presents a gel formula without soap in its composition that gently cleans and purifies the epidermis of the face and even the body in depth , reducing the percentage of acne lesions and making the skin smoother and more comfortable from the first uses.

We have 15 Keracnyl product ranges from Ducray Dermatology Laboratories, consisting of a pack of Keracnyl PP Anti-imperfection Softening Cream (30 ml) and a Keracnyl Gel Foam (100 ml) pack to offer.

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