Gin Amicis signs presence at Swiss festival – The Economic Journal

This year's IIDA festival will take place in Switzerland and has a Portuguese presence. Gin Amacis will be the only Portuguese guest to be present in the city, and according to the company this recognition is due to "its ever increasing affirmation in the international market," according to the brand.

Produced in the north of Portugal, with endogenous products from the Lousã and Sicó Mountains, gin production involves the presence of 14 botanists. "The international presence of Gin Amicis is a way to affirm a Portuguese premium product and bring the best of our country abroad," said the company's managers.

The brand of gin was born in 2016, "of the passion and wisdom of Paulo Pereira by the distillery," an art he learned from his grandfather. The gin was achieved through teaching and also through the "passion for the region of Beiras", where it will seek the botanists for its creation.

Of the 14 botanicals that include the product, the brand highlights five special: carqueja flower, walnut, Santa Maria herb, honey and citrus.

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