Give more power to your smartphone or tablet with 8 free apps for iOS and Android – Apps

Give more power to your smartphone or tablet with 8 free apps for iOS and Android - Apps

Games, vegetarian recipes and news on the MB WAY application are among the apps chosen this week by the SAPO TEK team to liven up your smartphone or tablet. They are all free.

This week there are many apps to choose from on iOS and Android platforms. Among entertainment and useful tools, the SAPO TEK team proposals will help you to renew your smartphone or tablet and there is certainly one suitable for you.

The Swiss army has created an app to help prepare recruits

It's called ready-fit for #teamarmee and it's what it promises: an aid for recruits to be better prepared for military service.

The Swiss army is known for its rigor, but in recent years the recruits have come to the service unprepared, and even rather obsessive. What's the solution? An app that helps the Swiss get ready before compulsory military service.

Currently, the Swiss army has only 5% professional soldiers and most of its forces are men who carry out compulsory military service, and every year about 20,000 soldiers receive basic training over a period of 18 to 21 weeks .

The app helps to follow a series of exercises to stay in shape and although the language barrier can be a help to anyone who wants to prepare for the army, or simply to stay in shape.

Ready – fit for #teamarmee is free and available for iOS and Android.

Shoot someone in the air (literally) until you reach the space

Buddy Toss is one of those easy games, without great tricks, but which distracts and helps to "release steam." No problems of conscience.

The name indicates what it takes: picking up a character in his lap and tossing it into the air, then picking it up and pushing it over and over, over and over … until it reaches space.

Simple and effective for those who want to spend some time without thinking big things. That's what casual games are for, but also for skill testing, as is the case.

The goal is to win as many points as possible and show you are the strongest. And no, this is not an allegory for Father's Day and the ancestral ability to always catch children without letting them fall …

Although simple the game has some customization that you can use to adjust your preferences.

The app is available for iOS and Android.

"Honey, I moved the house!" Turn the style of homes into video games for smartphones

Become a home designer in a game where you can change the furniture and layout of the house.

In Home Design Makeover you will be in charge of the cosmetic transformation of the homes of several families. Modify the layout of the kitchen or switch sofas in the living room, you can do all this if you have a budget for that. But if you need money you can solve puzzles to win some "change".

The challenge is to create the dream decorations of families and clients who demand fancy styles, from inspiration to colonial times or futuristic aspects. But it can add a extravagant touch by drawing a rustic kitchen or luxurious rooms. There are clients of all kinds, from newlyweds to Hollywood celebrities.

The game also has inspirations in several countries, such as Tokyo, Paris and Morocco. Handles not only the arrangement of furniture, but also lighting, plants, as well as the use of seasonal objects.

You can download the game for free on iOS and Android versions.

Know which stars you are seeing in the sky

With SkyView you can identify celestial bodies using your smartphone.

SkyView is an application that lets you easily identify any star, planet or satellite. To do this, simply point the camera of your Android smartphone to the celestial body on which you want to know more information.

In addition to identifying, SkyView will also send you additional data about the selected element, such as its radius or the distance it is from the Earth.

The application also includes a feature that allows you to see the position in which a celestial body has been or will be at a certain point in time.

SkyView has been developed to operate without GPS. As such, you will not need a WiFi connection to use the application.

You can download the free version of SkyView for Android on the Google Play Store.

Jump between platforms, just like you were on Mars …

Mars: Mars has a simple concept, but it's a great addiction, from the first jump …

This proposal is proof that the simplest mechanics are those that can be more challenging and addictive. Mars: Mars is a skill game that challenges players to control an astronaut on Mars, jumping between platforms thanks to the propulsion of a jetpack. The problem is that the fuel is very limited and you will have to use the engine shots to adjust the trajectory of the character.

So you have to press the left and right side of the screen that corresponds to each of the jetpack's engines, each one pushing the device to the opposite side. You will be able to make the attempts you want on each platform and believe that the difficulty is increasing by putting obstacles or items in the way to collect. Obviously to land safely you will have to activate the two thrusters to slow down, of course, if you still have fuel.

The game offers different characters to unlock, such as that bringing more people to Mars. And each one has its own style and some differences in the way of playing, especially because the scenario can change, and with it the force of gravity, like underwater scenarios, for example.

You can download free Mars: Mars in both Android and iOS versions.

VegMenu: This app has vegetarian recipes to do every day

Finding vegetarian and vegan recipes is not always easy. This app helps and also counts calories.

Lack of ideas for making tasty meals is one of the arguments often used not to make vegetarian food, but there are many alternatives that can be used to combine food, and the VegMenu app offers many options.

There are many recipes to discover, and several with inspiration from Italian cuisine. Starters, main courses and desserts, with accompanying step-by-step preparation, but also a guide to special days such as Easter, Christmas or romantic dinners.

The app also gives help to buy more consciously and save money, and has the ability to indicate nutritional values ​​and counting calories at each meal.

VegMenu is available for Android and is free.

MySNS Wallet App will allow medical consultations for video calls

By the end of the first half of the year, functionality will be in use and can save travel to hospitals and clinics, whether for family doctor or specialty doctor visits.

The MySNS Portfolio application has been available since January 2017, when it started in beta, but two years later and with 300 thousand Portuguese users, the app will receive new features. The application of the National Health Service is highlighted during the Portugal eHealth Summit 2019, which began in Lisbon today, with themes focused on biotechnology and life sciences, robotics and domotics, AI, privacy, security and tele-health, to highlight a few.

Initially, the MySNS Portfolio app allowed to gather the health information of citizens on the smartphone, through the number of users of the SNS. It is now possible to store allergies, vaccines or records, but the goal is to create a secure platform that will allow you to make the video call, without doubts about the identity of the doctor and the patient.

The introduction of video calling via mobile phones is another step in the use of health technology, which embraces a number of areas, from the relationship between the citizen and the services, but also from the back office, with the preparation of systems and the harmonization of registers. These are examples mentioned by Francisco Ramos, Secretary of State for Health, arguing that gigantic steps have already been taken in the digital transformation of health.

The telemedicine, and the consultations at a distance, were highlighted by Francisco Ramos, Secretary of State for Health, but the minister recalled that it is necessary to work on the balance between the effort of consolidation and the search for motivation in health.

Soon, it will also be possible, via smartphone, to obtain consultations with a family doctor or specialist.

The pilot project is expected to start in the regions of Lisbon and Porto, until the end of the first half of the year, and the rest of the national territory before the end of 2019. The project will allow to receive consultations in the National Health Service through a video call, which will be especially useful for patients with chronic diseases.

Nevertheless, the use of the telehealth service is always dependent on the acceptance of health professionals, doctors and institutions. The great advantage, in addition to saving travel, is to enable more effective surveillance of cases that require further monitoring.

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