Gmail already allows to schedule the sending of electronic mail – Internet

Gmail already allows to schedule the sending of electronic mail - Internet

Google announced last April that it would introduce Gmail to be able to schedule a date and time for sending emails so that it would be possible to write messages and allow them to be scheduled for later. However, the feature is now fully functional, both in the Gmail version for the computer and for mobile devices.

The new feature is very easy to use and can be useful, for example if you want to send an email to a recipient in a different time zone, or simply schedule a communication for a later date and time convenient.

To schedule a message through Gmail simply follow the following steps: select the "Compose" option to create a new email; click the triangle next to the blue "Submit" button, which will give you access to the "Schedule sending" option; choose from one of the suggested dates and times automatically, or customize with the exact moment you want the message to be sent; and then finish the process by clicking "Schedule Shipping" again.

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In the case of the Gmail mobile app the process is very similar. The only difference is that instead of clicking on the triangle referred to above, you should access the feature by selecting the three points in the upper right corner of the screen.

Scheduled emails can be found in a new folder named "Scheduled," which is created automatically whenever there is a scheduled send. You can at any time give up a shipment that is scheduled. To do this, simply open the desired message and select the option "Cancel sending", which is in the upper right corner of the window.

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