GNR Insurance Operation begins today – Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

GNR Insurance Operation begins today - Jornal diariOnline Região Sul

Between today, June 10 and June 14, throughout the National Territory, the National Republican Guard (GNR) promotes awareness-raising actions aimed at tourists on safety procedures to be adopted during their rest or leisure period.

This initiative has a markedly preventive character and, as such, will be intensified the proximity policing in areas of greater population density, promoting contact with citizens, sensitizing them to adopt behaviors to prevent the potential risks and dangers of crime associated with tourism . It is also intended to strengthen the co-responsibility of all national and local partners related to the tourism sector, to promote security and protect the rights of all tourists, transforming these partners into Local Security Interlocutors, a more effective integration of the community into security and criminal prevention issues.

In these awareness-raising actions, the military will transmit the following advice:

In walking distance:

– Do not wear jewelry, watches or other objects of high value;

– Never join codes and credit cards;

– Not having all the money, phone and cards in one place. Separate the places where you keep them;

– Wear clothing that has inside zipped pockets, so as to make it harder for pickpockets;

– Wear the backpacks on the chest;

– Avoid walking alone in deserted areas and at less crowded times.

In the holiday residence:

– If the dwelling is safe, store there the most valuable or susceptible objects of theft;

– When leaving the room, check that windows and doors are well closed / locked;

– During the night, do not sleep on open windows;

– Never leave objects of great value in sight, and this care is even more important when the room / house is accessible from the street or is located on the ground floor;

– If the residence is stolen, inform the authorities as soon as possible.

In touring / visiting tourist sites by car:

– Never leave objects in sight inside the car;

– When leaving the vehicle, make sure that it is locked and the windows are closed;

– After parking, do not take objects from the passenger compartment to the luggage compartment (you must do so in advance);

– If you are a victim of theft, inform the authorities immediately.

On the beach:

– Take the minimum necessary for the beach;

– Do not display valuables;

– Avoid leaving personal objects visible when going to the water;

– If possible, ask an acquaintance to supervise your belongings.



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