GNR marks International Women's Day with video

GNR marks International Women's Day with video

The National Republican Guard (GNR) marks today, March 8, the International Women's Day, highlighting the importance that more and more women have been assuming in the structure of the Guard.

The first entry of women into the GNR was in 1994 and, six years later, in 2000, women accounted for approximately 2% (489) of the total number of GNR, and currently these values ​​are fixed at around 9 % (2,018). Currently, the GNR has 1 396 soldiers in the category of Guards, 146 sergeants and 83 officers, thus totaling 1 625 military women in the service of the Guard, to which 393 civil women are added.

In the last recruitment reserve for the Guards training course, women already represented more than 17% of the candidates, while in the vacancies filled for the last sergeant training course, 20% were occupied by women, standing out also , the 11 new rangers who joined the ranger career last year.

In 2019 the Commission for Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination was created

In 2019, the Commission for Gender Equality and Non-Discrimination was created in Guarda, to encourage the adaptation of best practices for the integration of the gender perspective, motivating the implementation of measures that imply a balanced representation of men and women in the spheres of gender. decision-making and support for reconciling professional, family and personal life.

GNR currently has 33 women in command functions, namely 15 in Territorial Posts and 18 in Territorial Postings, highlighting that, in 131 Territorial Posts, women represent more than 10% of the staff.

March 8 was established by the United Nations (UN) as International Women's Day, symbolizing this date the desire to promote equality between women and men, in order to recognize its importance and its contribution to society in terms of civic, political, economic, social and cultural.


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