GNR performs today and tomorrow Operation "Pawn Safe"

Operation “Pawn in Safety” today and tomorrow and December 5 and 6 - GNR - Jornal diariOnline Southern Region

Today, the 14th and tomorrow, the 15th of January, the Republican National Guard (GNR) is conducting a traffic and road safety operation, with special focus on the districts of Aveiro, Braga, Faro, Lisbon, Porto and Setúbal, through the execution of supervision and awareness actions, with the objective of contributing to the improvement of pedestrian safety and mobility conditions, instilling safer behavior on the part of all users and preventing the occurrence of road accidents by being run over.

From the analysis of claims data in 2019, GNR recorded 2,467 run overwhich provoked 54 fatalities and 228 serious injuries, which represents a 4% increase in the number of serious victims compared to the previous year.

Road killings are of particular concern at this time of year, as the increased volume of car and pedestrian traffic coincides with the evening or early evening period (5 pm / 8 pm), contributing to this type of loss of visibility, distracted driving, under stress or fatigue, or even the slightest care when pedestrians cross the road.

Improper parking on sidewalks or at crossings marked for pedestrian crossing also contributes to the risk associated with pedestrian traffic and increases the occurrence of roadkill, as it removes their space for circulation and reduces them. visibility to drivers when crossing the road.

This operation runs in parallel with the National Road Safety Authority's “Attention to Pedestrians” campaign. Don't Overrun Your Plans ”which aims to alert drivers and pedestrians to the importance of complying with road safety rules and redoubling road care, ensuring safe coexistence without roadkill.

Thus, to address the black numbers, GNR will focus on:

– Improper parking on sidewalks and other places intended for pedestrian traffic;

– Parking less than 5 meters or in a pedestrian crossing;

– Disrespect for light signaling;

– speeding;

– Driving under the influence of alcohol;

– Failure to use lighting and signaling systems, or that have anomalies;

– Misuse of the mobile phone.



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