Gogo is developing a 5G network for aviation – Computers

Gogo is developing a 5G network for aviation - Computers

Gogo, a provider of Wi-Fi for aviation, is building a 5G network to be used on flights in the United States and Canada. Beginning in 2021, passengers from several airlines in these territories will have access to the internet with greater speed and lower latency connectivity while traveling.

To this end, Gogo has announced that it will upgrade its existing Air-to-Ground (ATG) network of more than 250 towers in North America and use an unlicensed 2.4GHz band. To improve signal quality, Gogo will use a company-built modem and beam-based technology. Compared to satellite technology, ATG networks offer a number of advantages, including lower operating costs and lower latency.

Gogo will continue to operate its 3G and 4G networks in North America as 5G reservation services, adding that the fifth generation network may continue to be upgraded with future technologies when they become available.

"We are looking forward to launching Gogo 5G at the same time as terrestrial telecommunications companies are implementing this same ground-based technology generation," said Oakleigh Thorne, CEO of Gogo, which is why Gogo will pioneer "the connectivity industry for aviation. "

For Oakleigh Thorne, "5G is the next step in Gogo's technological evolution and we expect it to bring unparalleled user experience, bringing high performance with low latency and redundancy across the network."

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