“Going apart, they were doing Antonio Costa a favor” – Jornal Económico

The SIC commentator took stock of the election week and began his usual Sunday comment with three conclusions:

"The PS is focused on the absolute majority, there are two parties committed to halting the absolute majority and two opposition parties that resist and try to recover," he announced tonight in Sic.

Starting with the PS, Marques Mendes states that the "objective is clear": absolute majority. “He doesn't say it, but he thinks,” he adds. "

“Formally Antonio Costa does not ask for it. In practice, everyone realizes that this is the goal. And it has a great ally: the economy. People are globally satisfied with the state of our economy. Earlier this week INE made it clear that consumer confidence is on the rise. Bad economic news will only come after the elections in 2020, ”he said.

It followed for the two main parties that are trying to lock in an absolute majority: PCP and Block.

“PCP was happy with the“ Festa do Avante! ” It is your great annual mobilization and your great opportunity to deliver messages. The PCP is a mass party, not a debate party, ”criticized the PSD commentator.

Regarding the party led by Catarina Martins, the commentator did not hesitate to say that BE "had an unhappy week".

“The worst moment was yesterday's debate between Costa and Catarina. Costa won and Catarina lost. Costa won because he managed to glue to the Block the image of unrealistic and irresponsible party. Catarina lost because, besides this failure, she had another, even bigger one. This was the debate in which the BE leader should have attacked the PM, deepening to the exhaustion the harms of an absolute majority. It did not. He touched on the subject laterally and not as a central theme of the debate. Missed the opportunity and missed the debate, ”he said.

Regarding opposition parties that resist the tendency of an absolute majority, Marques Mendes considers that PS and the CDS were doing well. “I think there are two sensations in the air. They are not playing to win, but to win in the polls, ”he reflects.

Marques Mendes took the opportunity to wink at the possibility of a coalition between the two parties, stating that "if they went to the elections together things would probably be different."

“Time will probably be in charge of proving this conclusion: if they were together in the elections, they would surely prevent an absolute majority of the PS. Going apart, they did Antonio Costa a favor, ”he said.

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