Golf Federation in “tremendous dismay” with date of resumption

Golf Federation in “tremendous dismay” with date of resumption

Authorization to practice all sports will only be granted as of May 3, announced the Prime Minister.

The Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG) has shown “a tremendous dismay and astonishment” in the face of the impossibility of the sport being resumed before April 5, according to the decommissioning plan announced by the government.

“It was with tremendous dismay and astonishment that we received the news that the practice of sporting activity would not happen before April 5, even for the list of modalities practiced outdoors and considered to be of low risk, where golf cannot fail. to be included ”, reacted the FPG president, Miguel Franco de Sousa, in a statement.

Recalling that “the clubs and facilities continue to have costs, even though they are totally deprived of revenue”, Miguel Franco Sousa considers “incomprehensible that the practice of golf is not allowed”, taking into account that it is “a sporting activity practiced outdoors ", With fields that have" an average area of ​​60 hectares ", which allows the presence of" 150 practitioners simultaneously ", which corresponds to an average area of ​​4,000 m2 per practitioner.

Portugal is "one of the few countries in Europe" where sports practice "is not allowed"

The president of FPG regrets that Portugal is “now one of the few countries in Europe where sports in general and golf in particular are not allowed” and that the sport “is equated, for the purposes of opening, with gyms and, even worse, it only reopens after hairdressers, real estate agents, car dealers and libraries – activities that necessarily take place in closed spaces ”.

“The decision made yesterday [quinta-feira] it is, therefore, incomprehensible to all titles, represents a huge discouragement and adds damage to those already seen in national golf ”, stresses Miguel Franco de Sousa, who, on the other hand, welcomed the fact that the Government has approved a“ financial package of support to the sports sector, in the amount of 65 million euros ”.

On Thursday, the Prime Minister, António Costa, announced the authorization to practice all sports from May 3, according to the deconfinition plan, due to the covid-19.


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