Gomes da Silva and the European dream of LF Vieira: "They called me crazy …"

Gomes da Silva and the European dream of LF Vieira: "They called me crazy ..."

Rui Gomes da Silva spoke in the usual text of opinion published on the blog 'Nova Geração Benfica' statements by Luís Filipe Vieira last Saturday in Seixal, where he warned of the need to insure the "players of the house" to achieve the "dream of be European champion ".

The former vice president of the Reds hoped that the announced promotion of "Jota, Ferro, Florentino and Willock" would not "justify selling quality players" of the main squad "not from Seixal."

"Praising the training does not come if it only serves to feed the pocket of those who fill with it! Who? Winning sales commissions … whether or not football entrepreneurs! As for the second part of the statement (for what here interest) in the reference to the European title … I am very happy with the change of vision, "Gomes da Silva wrote.

"During the seven and a half years in which I was vice president of Benfica, the least they called me (everyone in this case, and in this case, interesting) was crazy! Crazy to find something possible that – they thought – it would never happen again! "

The former club manager also regretted the 'invasion' of FC Porto supporters at the Benfica store in Matosinhos on Saturday, pointing his finger at the posture of the leaders of the blues and whites.

"In addition to the enormous initiative (which should be duly commended) of the" structure ", this" small step for Benfica, a giant step for Northern Benfica "(reversing the terms of the original statement, so to be syllogistically, in this case, more than according to the reality) bothered some people! Who – they say – walking around "invaded" the store of Benfica in the Mar Shopping.Those who, fearing to see their smallness demonstrated, do not want to compare with who it is – in fact – very big! Those who, fearing that we know the numbers of who is Benfica … "in the city and its wheel" … do not want to allow it to be in Benfica! Porto's problem – who directs it and not the ones who are led, … that they repeat what they see – it is precisely that one … They want to be unique in a space … afraid that the true dimension will be discovered! When compared, they reduce to their true dimension! ", He wrote

"They will never cease to be quartered on their borders, where they think they are big, even though they are small, because they do not have (and fear to) any comparison, so they are the supporters of regional clubs."

Rui Gomes da Silva still left a corner of his rivals: "To vibrate with the titles of other teams where the players come from their formation … we already have a club in Portugal (on the other side of the 2nd circular) ".

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