"Goodbye Professor": a cynical and purposeful empty movie

"Goodbye Professor": a cynical and purposeful empty movie

This is seen by the option of Richard, who decides to send his final effort to fill the voids of his life. Alcohol, tobacco, sex, and insulting anyone who irritates him, are some of the experiences that give him immense pleasure but which social conventions have been repressing.

While continuing to teach, awaiting approval of a sabbatical, Richard conceals the diagnosis from his family, and lives without regret or sensitivity.

Unfortunately, its purposes are ethereal and float around the movie like Depp's sleepwalking wrap – which, apart from the usual mannerisms, is still full of strength and charisma… but nothing more than that, because Depp is Depp, and never Richard. Which in no way bears the essence of the film, because it brings us neither empathy, depth or sense of redemption.

There are several times when the screenwriter and director could have introduced some poetry and substance: the classes where Richard's students analyze works of American literature; his wife's affair (Rosemarie DeWitt) with the university director; or when the daughter (Odessa Young) assumes herself as a lesbian. But Richard concentrates on himself all the arrogance and credit, leaving everything else adrift.

Everything is lost in this vacuum of clichés and formal rigidity that is "Goodbye, Professor," very unreliable in the narrative that explores a dying man.

"Goodbye Professor": In theaters on August 1st.

Criticism: Daniel Antero

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