Google confirms leaks and shows the first official image of the new Pixel 4 – Equipment

Google confirms leaks and shows the first official image of the new Pixel 4 - Equipment

"If you can not stop them, join them." It was more or less that Google dealt with the latest leaks that popped up online about their next smartphone. The company used one of its Twitter accounts to reveal part of the rear silhouette of the new Pixel 4 and the published image already reveals much of what will be this new flagship.

In tweet, you can see a black device with a clean back, which deals only with two elements: the logo of the brand and a set of cameras (two, apparently) that is attached to a protrusion where a flash is also integrated.

The image was published after another leak from the portal OnLeaks, where you could see a phone exactly the same as that revealed by Google in this post.

It is true that companies in the technology industry are not known to know how to keep secrets away from the media focus, but it is also true that none of them have been as directly associated with a leak as Google has just done. The position of the company can be a turning point in this segment. By acknowledging the existence of leaks and confirming them even before the official announcement of the equipment, Google can remove some of the importance and ease the debate that is made on the basis of speculation. In this way, having greater control over what is known and what is thought to know about its products, it will certainly be easier to meet the expectations of the public.

As for the phone itself, it's important to note that Google seems poised to embrace multi-camera technology on its smartphones. The company is one of the best in the photographic segment, but the fame is not justified by the fact that the company has equipment with many lenses. So far, the American technology has bet on devices with a single rear camera, so the photographic quality of their phones can benefit even more with this addition.

Despite the leak and "teaser" that Google itself did on Twitter, the new Pixel should only hit the market next fall.

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