Google I / O: What are the technological innovations? – Internet

Google I / O: What are the technological innovations? - Internet

The last days have been quite active for the major technology giants. Both Facebook and Microsoft have unveiled new features for their portfolio with dedicated conferencing. It is time for Google to kick off its annual I / O conference, with some interesting revelations being expected from the CEO of the company, Sundar Pichai.

Directly from Mountain View, the annual event kicks off today, day 7 and lasts for three days. In the year it celebrates its 21st anniversary, officially "adult" in the United States, the technology aims to demonstrate its vision for the future, communicating directly with the producers who are part of the audience, trying to convince them to produce new and powerful solutions for ecosystem.

In preview

But what can technological lead to the event? Experts point out news related to artificial intelligence, which was one of the highlights of last year, highlighted by the famous "talk" with Google Assistent. There's even room for new products from your ecosystem, such as Gmail, Google News, Maps that can receive updates based on your AI assistant.

It is possible to extrapolate that the company take the opportunity to talk a little more about its streaming gaming system, Stadia. But also augmented reality, the new operating system Android Q, and who knows a new smartphone Pixel are part of the menu of rumors that can be shown.

To learn the news first hand, you can follow the SAPO TEK, or even the live broadcast, from 18.00 on the official Google channel on YouTube.

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