Google introduces cash payments in the Play Store – Apps

Google introduces cash payments in the Play Store - Apps

If Android devices record the highest amount of downloads, as far as billing Apple continues to dominate, as its users spend more money on iOS platforms. Google intends to encourage its users to invest more in their store's paid products through an alternative payment method: cash transactions.

In the I / O event that has taken place in recent days, the technology giant has been showing several new features of its ecosystem and has revealed the functionality called pending transactions, which offers users alternative forms to the credit card at the time of making " Check-out". At the bottom it's a long-term payment system, similar to money, bank transfer or direct debit, said Aurash Mahbod, the engineering director in charge of the Play Store during the conference, as Tech Crunch noted.

By opting for this mode of payment, users receive a code that can be used in an affiliate store and pay in cash. Minutes after paying, the user will access the product that he / she has purchased and will receive an email with proof of payment. Google states, however, that in the event that you decide to refund, the return will not be made in cash, but rather credits in the Play Store.

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