Google Lens will have new utility in restaurants – Apps

Google Lens will have new utility in restaurants - Apps

Google is launching a set of features that will make life easier for users in restaurants. The first was announced in the latest issue of Google I / O and lets you point your smartphone to a restaurant menu and see the ratings and photos of the dishes that are available. The feature is available through Google Lens, which is available in app stores. Google Pixel already has the app built into the camera.

This system only works with menus in English, but the American technology has already assumed intentions to expand support for other languages. Note that in order to work, the menu dishes must have been reviewed individually, online – all Maps users will be able to do so.

To complement this functionality, the company will also launch a sub-menu called "Popular Dishes" that will serve to highlight the most requested dishes of the restaurant. The information will appear on the restaurant page, in the app on Google Maps.

The feature will be available from the end of this week for iOS and Android devices that have support for ARCore.

Google Maps has been receiving several updates in recent months. Of course, Google plans to make the app a more robust platform. Recently, the application has made available the location of the radars on Portuguese roads.

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