Google loses authorization to distribute private apps on iOS – iOS

Google loses authorization to distribute private apps on iOS - iOS

Apple decided to revoke the certificate after discovering that the company used the program to distribute an app that violated several principles of user privacy.

Apple has revoked the corporate authorization that allowed Google to distribute its private applications through the App Store. The company took this decision after having done the same to Facebook and the justification lies in the fact that both companies have developed a research project that contemplated the payment of monetary amounts to users in exchange for free access to all their data.

The Verge writes that older versions of apps such as Google Maps, Gmail, or Hangouts have crashed, as have beta versions of other applications that were about to receive an official release. The apps Google made available to employees on its campus, such as Gbus (an app that facilitates the transportation of workers), and another through which it was possible to order coffee.

The app that made this decision was called Screenwise Meter. The premise of this was similar to that of Facebook Research, whose purpose was to analyze how users interacted with their iPhone. Both applications were distributed based on Apple's corporate program, which allows programmers to distribute private apps within a given company.

In a statement issued following the revocation of the Facebook certificate, Cupertino's technology said that "any programmer who uses their corporate certificate to distribute apps to consumers will have their certificate revoked."

The Apple decision is, above all, a position statement, which is in line with what has been his stance in the privacy debate. It should be remembered that the company has been a staunch sponsor of cybersecurity and privacy of users, especially with regard to the sharing of their personal data.

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